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Carrying out user testing internally: Eight obstacles, eight stages, eight pitfalls

Now more than ever, you need to be able to test your website and mobile applications as if you were in your users’ shoes, easier said than done !

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How to write the scenarios for a remote user test?

Interested in launching a remote user test? In this article, discover the various stages involved in writing user testing protocol and devising usage scenarios that will enable you to both achieve your objectives and build a better experience for your users.

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Is five users really enough?

EXPERT ARTICLE: for 25 years now, we've known that user testing can be carried out satisfactorily with five users. But is this still the right number?

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Listen to users to avoid a 43% chance of your redesign projects failing

Would your prefer a 43% chance of failure or the certainty of knowing that you're launching an improved version of your website or mobile app? The answer seems obvious doesn't it? And yet…

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Why do 40% of businesses fail to test their website or mobile apps

Interesting in listening to the market's views, we asked 100 decision makers from the digital sector about their approach to testing. What emerged was a picture of a contradictory situation, with practical obstacles on the one hand and undeniable benefits on the other.

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Have you found your first follower

In 2016, an entrepreneur said to me: "Forty Ferpection clients in a year, that's great." The nice compliment aside, I'm often asked what we did to make such fast progress. I think this rapid start can be explained by a simple video (and nine lessons put into practice over these last 18 months).

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Why test with users?

Users are the sole arbiters of the success or failure of a website or mobile app. Through the ratings and reviews they leave on the app stores, they choose whether to encourage or discourage other potential users. And it's the same with a website: 62% of visitors will abandon it if they encounter browsing difficulties (source: 2016 IBM study). Why conduct user tests? The answer is self evident.

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Digital transformation: why you're getting it wrong

To avoid finding themselves in a tight spot over the medium to long term, increasing numbers of businesses are now beginning the process of digitally transforming themselves, and standing in the way of this process is a simple, basic question: How can you become more agile in your everyday work and management?

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Agile development? Test using the agile approach!

The process of redesigning your website has begun and you're planning to do it in agile mode. Whether it's being carried out internally or together with your web design agency, everything is ready and in place: the scrum master, the agile sprints, the test and learn approach. Or nearly everything that is. Because, bizarrely, you haven't planned as many tests as you have sprints.

This is an interesting paradox. More and more teams, just like yours, are turning to agile project management; but agile development does not necessarily rhyme with agile testing. Why is this? In this article we start from the principle that you already know that the end user does not think like you do, and that's why you need to question them and ask them their opinion.

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How do you test the experience of your store terminals?

Steps, methods and tips to test and optimize the user experience on your digital screens, smart windows and connected terminals in store.

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How do you test your application while it's being developed?

Is it possible to test a mobile app while it's being developed? Yes! It's now simple and easy to make your app available to a community of testers, no matter whether it's on Android or iOS (or even Windows, which we won't be discussing in this article).

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Your user testing roadmap

You undoubtedly have a roadmap for your digital projects. However, have you thought about building a roadmap for your user testing, i.e. a discovery roadmap? 

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The different ways of testing a mobile app

When a company decides to develop a mobile app, it does so with three main objectives in mind: Generate downloads / Generate user loyalty / Attract positive comments and reviews on app stores.

In order to achieve these objectives, it is essential to carry out user tests at several stages in the life cycle of an app.

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Successfully putting together wireframes for your new website or mobile application

When launching a new digital project (whether a website, mobile application or new feature), there are always many uncertainties regarding the best way to proceed. The wireframe stage drastically reduces these uncertainties, thanks to prototypes and test users. In everyday language, we would simply call it a mock-up.

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How can the user experience for banking applications be improved?

At Ferpection, we conducted a study on websites and mobile applications in the banking sector. In this article, we will share with you what we've learned.

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Website redesign: User testing or A/B testing? Client testimonial.

User testing or AB testing when redesigning a website or an application? Tips and best practice from a client who tested early to learn early.

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Our pay scale now public

In line with the principles of a liberated company, Ferpection shares the company pay scale with everyone. Ready to join us? 

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Peter Thiel's From Zero to One book review

Starting a global user experience platform like Ferpection is quite like exploring uncharted territories and that is why we were quite excited at the idea of reading "zero to one" by Peter Thiel.

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The Return on Investment of User Tests

User tests, do they give a good return? Our infographics provide insight on this topic.

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User testing of mobile apps: the 10 commandments

Are you about to test a mobile app? Ferpection guides you through the process with 10 bits of advice that will help you get the best out of your test.

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User Testing: What, When and How?

This time you are determined to actually run a user test. But how do you go about it? This article explores the basics of testing: what, when and how.

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How many users should you interview?

User tests help you make decisions by reducing the uncertainty around your site or mobile application. You need to conduct research among a sufficient number of users, but how many exactly?

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Why your mobile application does not reach 5 stars

Customer ratings in the AppStore and Google Play are a key factor when someone decides to download your application. Ratings are necessary to the success of your app as they give a hint about the user experience and the service provided.

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Our community tested Inbox, the new app from Google

We recently asked our community to test the new app aiming at replacing Gmail : Inbox
Discover what we learnt from it. 

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The challenges of seducing users in a mobile first world

During the "Hubday Future of mobility” we presented the results of our research on seducing users in a mobile first world. 

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4 months of testing and optimisation

Only 4 months long, 201(4) was a very short year. A lot happened during this time: we gathered a community of 1,832 awesome testers, collected 6,590 relevant feedback while testing 30 different sites and mobile applications.

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Ferpection Manifesto for user value

We founded Ferpection to fight for the quality and value of the experiences of users on the Internet and mobile. 

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