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July 9, 2021

UX Benchmark: what are the trends for banking websites?

Following our sectoral studies on e-commerce and transportation, we chose to analyze UX in banking for this third Benchmark.

We have carried out user tests on 10 desktop and mobile banking sites among the main actors in France, in order to identify the best practices in the sector and the main pain points for users.


Here are the 4 major trends coming out of the study.

Ratings as a function of positive feedback from users

Classement en fonction du pourcentage de retours positifs

Trust is at the core of the banking user experience

More than in other sectors, trust is front and center of the user experience for banks. We see this throughout the journey:
  • Starting with the home page with the chosen colors
  • In the detail and the clarity of the information given on the products
  • The ability to contact a human operator when needed
  • Or simply the display and correct working of different elements
As one of the surveyed users emphasizes: “is a bank cannot place a piece of text over an image, I am afraid it might not be able to ensure the safety of its website.”

Cross-cutting views to facilitate navigating the site and understanding it

The banking world and the various products are not easy for users to understand. They need an overview so that they can easily visualize and compare different services. Having the key elements of an offer on one page, having to go back, then click on another offer to compare it, is tiresome for the user and does not help them quickly absorb the essential information to make his choice.

One page combining all the products with a brief description and a table of comparisons facilitate the experience.

Savings products of La Banque Postale
Exemple : Page des produits d'épargne La Banque Postale

Personalization to plan more easily

In order to help the user better understand complex products, the simulator is now a must.

To increase its value and go beyond the table of comparison, offering a simulation of several saving products at the same time is truly a bonus to guide the user to the right choice.

Ease of access to the main services

Starting with the home page, users must immediately understand the products and services that they will be able to find. Excessive classification of the different products in sub-categories makes them less visible and accessible for users.

With clear wording and presence right from the first part of the home page, or through the principal menu, users should be able to access to different saving products by a single click.

Banque Populaire's home page

Page d'accueil Banque populaire

Your UX project for your internet or mobile website?

To go further: We wish you success in optimizing the UX of your banking sites!

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