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Why is digital accessibility an asset for your website?

Making your website compliant with digital accessibility rules is an ethical approach. But it can also be very profitable. Find out why!

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UX for Good: eco-conception, accessibility, inclusivity, ethics

The UX for Good approach aims to design and develop
digital experiences for the benefit of users, companies and
society as a whole.

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Ferpect 2022 - Year in Review

For us it's all about helping you reach your goals by listening to real users. However, this year we also leaned heavily towards a second goal of ours - exploring and showing how UX For Good can benefit not only the society but also users and businesses alike.

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Eco-design and UX: a winning formula for a successful user experience

Ecodesign and UX. These two words are becoming increasingly popular. But do we truly understand the underlying concept? The first question you should ask is: can digital technology be truly environmentally friendly and compatible with a quality user experience? At Ferpection we believe that yes, they are both compatible and complementary. But in concrete terms, what are they, how can they be implemented and, above all, what are the benefits ? 

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UX Trends for 2022? Here's what the experts at Ferpection think

Technology is evolving rapidly, and today's emerging technologies will be tomorrow's must-haves. Which of the new user experience trends should you be watching closely in the coming years? Ferpection asked its experts what the major UX trends of 2022 are, and here are their answers.

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User experience: what is a high-performance UX?

The key indicators to take into account to assess the performance of your UX.

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