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How to write the scenarios for a remote user test?

Interested in launching a remote user test? In this article, discover the various stages involved in writing user testing protocol and devising usage scenarios that will enable you to both achieve your objectives and build a better experience for your users.

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How to test a mobile application, in 4 steps

When a company develops a mobile application, it has to fulfill several objectives and to do so, it is imperative to conduct UX tests at several stages of its design. In this article, we explain how to test a mobile application and exploit user feedback.

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Discover the Best Usability Testing Checklist for Your Website

To ensure that your website is user-friendly, you need to perform a usability test for your website. And to achieve this, what's better than a usability testing checklist?

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Voice Assistants: example of testing and development of an app for L'Oréal

Are voice assistants the next revolution in customer experience? One can certainly imagine so. L'Oréal therefore chose to develop their Glow up application and test it with several influencers. Discover the context, methodology and learnings in the article below.

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Conducting competitive benchmarks through users or why should you test your competitors' customer experience

Knowing the strengths and identifying mistakes not to repeat, these are two reasons to test the customer experience of your competitors. Check out the others in this article.

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How user tests fit into your project management process

There is a strong link between projects and user testing. But how do you get the most out of these two approaches? This article, written by our partner Skriv, tells you all about the subject.

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Carrying out user testing internally: eight obstacles, eight stages, eight pitfalls

Now more than ever, you need to be able to test your website and mobile applications as if you were in your users’ shoes, easier said than done !

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Is five users really enough for your usability tests?

EXPERT ARTICLE: for 25 years now, we've known that user testing can be carried out satisfactorily with five users. But is this still the right number?

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Agile development? Test using the agile approach!

The process of redesigning your website has begun and you're planning to do it in agile mode. Whether it's being carried out internally or together with your web design agency, everything is ready and in place: the scrum master, the agile sprints, the test and learn approach. Or nearly everything that is. Because, bizarrely, you haven't planned as many tests as you have sprints.

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Build your user testing roadmap along your product roadmap

You undoubtedly have a roadmap for your digital projects. However, have you thought about building a roadmap for your user testing, i.e. a discovery roadmap? 

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Successfully putting together wireframes to test your new website or mobile application

When launching a new digital project (whether a website, mobile application or new feature), there are always many uncertainties regarding the best way to proceed. The wireframe stage drastically reduces these uncertainties, thanks to prototypes and test users. In everyday language, we would simply call it a mock-up.

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Website redesign: User testing or A/B testing? Client testimonial.

User testing or AB testing when redesigning a website or an application? Tips and best practice from a client who tested early to learn early.

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The Return on Investment of User Tests

User tests, do they give a good return? Our infographics provide insight on this topic.

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User testing of mobile apps: the 10 commandments

Are you about to test a mobile app? Ferpection guides you through the process with 10 bits of advice that will help you get the best out of your test.

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User Testing: What, When and How?

This time you are determined to actually run a user test. But how do you go about it? This article explores the basics of testing: what, when and how.

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Why your mobile application does not reach 5 stars in the app stores

Customer ratings in the AppStore and Google Play are a key factor when someone decides to download your application. Ratings are necessary to the success of your app as they give a hint about the user experience and the service provided.

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Our community tested Inbox, the new app from Google

We recently asked our community to test the new app aiming at replacing Gmail: Inbox.Discover what we learnt from it. 

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