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April 22, 2019

In-store user and omnichannel UX journey testing with Fnac Darty

When UX invites itself in the store and in the multichannel user experience journeys! Regis Koenig, Customer Experience Manager of the Fnac Darty Group, explains how the group wanted to use Ferpection user tests when it acquired the WeFix express repair chain.

Multichannel user tests, the interview

Below is a video summary of the Fnac Darty testimonial with an interview of Regis Koenig, the Group's Customer Experience Manager:

The essential lessons of the reinvented mystery shopper experience

We have summarized the most significant elements of this testimonial for you:

  • Objectives of this study: as part of the WeFix Group acquisition, Fnac Darty wanted to ensure a consistent customer experience within the WeFix network, which at the time consisted of around fifty sales outlets, and also to obtain suggestions for priority improvements to be applied in order to improve the quality of service.
  • Multichannel customer experience: nowadays, most customer experiences are multichannel. Be it when locating an item in the store or when receiving a parcel, each experience has a physical component, just as it has a digital component when placing an order or searching a review. Based on this observation, it becomes relevant and necessary to adopt a 360-degree vision of the customer experience in order to measure it properly, without leaving out or disregarding a less visible aspect. Hence Fnac Darty's determination to conduct a multichannel study to ensure a complete overview of the WeFix customer experience.
  • Moving towards a generalized integration of the customer experience in acquisition audits? Fnac Darty's acquisition of WeFix is one of the few examples where customer experience has been an inherent part of the audits, just as the usual legal, financial or environmental dimensions are systematically taken into account during a business acquisition. Yet, as Regis Koenig explains, customer experience is ultimately a real financial value that affects the final price of a company buyout because it can generate costs in the event of an experience that can be improved. 
  • Lessons that become a roadmap: with nearly twenty outlets visited throughout France, the study uncovered practical ways to improve the WeFix customer experience. Some of these include problems of outlet accessibility, which should be easy for customers to find, or the repair time due to a shortage of staff. Finally, the feedback also highlighted the importance of the stock of spare parts in store to cover most of the phone models currently on the market and to ensure a repair in 20 minutes as promised by the brand. Fnac Darty Group has practical solutions to offer WeFix in each of these areas and they have been prioritized in the roadmap.
  • User testing is universal: as this hybrid study shows, user tests do not really have any limits, whether in terms of their purpose, their support (remote testing, mystery shoppers), or in terms of the project's development stage. 

Fnac Darty's testimony slides

Check out the slides of Regis Koenig's intervention with google slides (you can see more slides in the full video below):

Fnac Darty WeFix conference in video

Please find below the full interview and Q&A with the audience on our Youtube Live:

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