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Managing your team while working remotely

Telecommuting exacerbates a manager's challenges with their team. A look back at Ferpection's experience as a "remote by design" company

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Choosing Your Salary: New Salary Policy at Ferpection

In 2021, our employees chose their salary within our new salary policy and following their self-assessment.

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Ferpection 2020 report as an infographic: beyond covid

Our infographic looking back on 2020 at Ferpection.

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Onboarding: first gut instincts are always right

After working for almost two years at Ferpection as a freelancer, I joined the team at the beginning of April as Customer Success Manager as part of my gap year.

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What does it mean to work 100% remotely at Ferpection?

With a quarter of our team working remotely full time and the others with the option to work remotely when they wish, it's safe to say that remote working is an integral part of our culture.

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Have you found your first follower?

In 2016, an entrepreneur said to me: "Forty Ferpection clients in a year, that's great." The nice compliment aside, I'm often asked what we did to make such fast progress. I think this rapid start can be explained by a simple video (and nine lessons put into practice over these last 18 months).

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Digital transformation: why you're getting it wrong

To avoid finding themselves in a tight spot over the medium to long term, increasing numbers of businesses are now beginning the process of digitally transforming themselves, and standing in the way of this process is a simple, basic question: How can you become more agile in your everyday work and management?

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Our pay scale now public in full transparency

In line with the principles of a liberated company, Ferpection shares the company pay scale with everyone. Ready to join us? 

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Peter Thiel's From Zero to One book review

Starting a global user experience platform like Ferpection is quite like exploring uncharted territories and that is why we were quite excited at the idea of reading "zero to one" by Peter Thiel.

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The Return on Investment of User Tests

User tests, do they give a good return? Our infographics provide insight on this topic.

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Ferpection Manifesto for user value

We founded Ferpection to fight for the quality and value of the experiences of users on the Internet and mobile. 

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