September 18, 2017

The Return on Investment of User Tests

Instinctively, it seems obvious that listening to the users benefits the business but what's the point? In other words, should we spend time and money on it?

We have compiled the most significant figures in the form of infographics to provide insight on this essential subject of the ROI of user tests.

As you have seen from these infographics, user tests generate measurable benefits at the business results level while saving resources.

Are you ready to measure the ROI of user tests?

To measure user testing ROI specific to your website / mobile app launch or redesign project, you first need to identify the business indicators you want to improve with your digital project. Then measure them before and after optimization. How did your indicators progress? Finally, how to modify the part of your offering and the part of a better user experience? 

Ferpection can help you measure the specific ROI of user testing applied to your project. 

The infographics below shows some key figures on how to measure the ROI of UX research:

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Adrien de Turckheim

Adrien de Turckheim

Adrien is a strong believer in the benefits of a GREAT Customer eXperience. He has spend >12 years enhancing offline & online experience of his customers (B2C), and his client's users (B2B2C) #CX #UX #ExperientialMarketing

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