January 12, 2015

Ferpection Manifesto for user value

Internet can enable magic, in everyday life as in those more unique moments. But when websites and mobile applications don't live up to our expectations, we feel alienated by technology.
We've been creating and testing websites and apps. We've witnessed the increasing pain of testing in the Internet jungle. 
We founded Ferpection to provide a more human way of testing websites and mobile applications. We call this this crowdsource optimization:
  • Optimization because we seek continuous improvement. 
  • Crowdsourced because only a certified testing community can test in real conditions and provide the freshness that creators will lack after months of hard work. 

We help companies deliver value for users so that it transforms back into business value. By building this bridge between users and creators of sites and mobile applications, we aim to grow the value of the Internet. 

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Thibault Geenen

Thibault Geenen

Thibault est fan de la méthode lean start-up d'Eric Ries (qu'il applique avec beaucoup de sérieux) et faire des blagues que ses jeunes protégés ne comprennent pas toujours. Grand amateur de Science Fiction, il a récemment écrit un article faisant un lien entre entreprenariat et le film 'Seul sur Mars'.

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